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    Christopher Nuttall

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    The best defense...

    Starting a war with an enemy a hundred times stronger is insane. It’s desperate. And it’s Earth’s only hope.

    A massive alien power looms over humanity, claiming Earth as its territory and humanity as its slaves. The Hegemony has already taken over one colony, yoking hundreds of thousands under their brutal rule. Every tactical exercise, every wargame and every simulation gives humanity zero chance in a defensive campaign.

    Earth’s only chance to win the coming war - is by striking first.

    Kal Spriggs

    Author Website
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    The Wolf is Loose.

    Ten years ago, after her parents were killed in a terrorist attack, Melanie Armstrong walked away from a military officer’s career to raise her orphaned brother.

    Since then she's been captaining a tramp freighter – shuffling from world to world, scraping to barely get by, but content that she's made the right decision.

    But when her ship crashes, authorities make her an offer: take a fifteen-year sentence on a prison world where the average lifespan is a third of that.

    Or take part in a mission to stop an ancient, and until-now forgotten, robotic warship, the Fenris, from completing its hundred-year-old task of destroying a planet, killing millions.
    The crew of the Fenris are back from the halls of Valhalla to pluck out Odin’s Eye.

    Mel Armstrong has prevented an AI warship from destroying a planet, but she and her friends made many enemies along the way. Unless they can disappear, those enemies will come for them, backed by a computer program, Odin's Eye, which will find them wherever they manage to hide.

    Yet not everyone is happy with the abilities that Odin's Eye gives to the government. They're willing to pay Mel and her friends to do the impossible: to slip into a maximum security facility on a corporate-run planet and make certain that no one has the power to know everything.

    It's the equivalent of taking on a god, but Mel and her friends have one advantage: for now, no-one knows they still live. Mel is banking on that fact... and the hope that the eye of a god can't see them coming.

    Travis Adkins

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    "A captivating story with unforgettable characters and a wonderfully created universe… simply breathtaking."
    JL Bourne, author of Day By Day Armageddon.

    "A brand new day for fantasy, and I’m glad to bear witness." Thom Brannon, author of Before the Dawn.


    A bard, with no stories left to live, follows a wizard to a broken land of dread, where malevolent mists obscure the dead who raven for living flesh.

    Wherein disparate warriors united by fate must survive a night that never ends, as legions of undead lay siege in a land where time never bends.

    The story had been told before, in countless iterations.

    And it will be told again.

    And again.

    And again.


    Leo Champion

    Author Website
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    In dystopian 2184, gleaming arcology-skyscrapers tower above hellish industrial slums, streetgangers killing each other for trash in their shadows. Inside the arkscrapers life is said to be luxurious; on the abandoned streets it’s vicious and short.

    Airborne gang leader Jeff Hammer is an intellectual and a mercenary, surviving from contracts in the wars the tenement bosses wage amongst themselves. He’s fed up with just dreaming about arkscraper luxury; it’s time to take action.

    When he’s set up to die and his gang is wiped out, his hand is forced. It’s rise or die, and Hammer doesn’t plan on dying. He’s going to set Manhattan on fire – and threaten the very arkscrapers themselves.

    They're the scum of America's pariah service.

    The United States Foreign Legion's washouts, criminals and unsuccessful deserters go into the Black Gangs – labor groups sent at gunpoint to work in places nobody else will.

    Reluctant Legion soldier Paul Mullins almost ended up in one. Now he's guarding them. First priority: prevent escapes. Second priority: maintain discipline. Protecting the convicts themselves comes dead last.

    Until a sudden disaster erupts, leaving Mullins, his team and twenty of the Legion's garbage in the middle of a hostile no-man’s-land. With no resources to speak of, they’ve got to cross two hundred miles of lawless desert. Between them and safety are rebellious aliens, European infiltrators, brutal terrain, and human renegades.

    But along the way, a few of the Legion’s worst might just earn redemption…

    The Long Road Home

    In a post-post-apocalyptic Mediterranean, Lieutenant Pete Ashford of the United States Navy is leading a shore party to buy supplies in Cyprus when his cruiser is destroyed in a surprise attack by a mysterious black battleship.

    Ashford is a career staff officer on his first shipboard assignment; he’s never wanted combat duty; he’s not suited to it and he’s definitely not ready for this. But if he wants to warn his command about this new threat, he’s got to cross fifteen hundred miles of bandits, pirates and worse trouble.

    Turkey and Greece are on the point of war. A second Great Jihad is gearing up to consume southern Europe. The Mediterranean, trade highway of the ancient civilizations, is about to become very, very dangerous.

    Doesn’t matter. He’s got a message to deliver and a job to do.

    It’s about to go hot.

    On the dry world of Arkin, the Zinj are taking over. A technologically-competent strain of Islam that make ISIS look like the Amish, they’re challenged only by the nations of the West – and a divided West without much will to fight.

    Among those who do have the will are fighter pilot Egan O’Connor, a working-class kid from a tough neighborhood, ready to test himself and serve his country. He’s a chivalrous rookie ready for an honorable battle.

    Jimmy Newland’s a cavalry NCO who’s earned his spurs. He’s ready to fight but he doesn’t want to; he’s seen enough skirmishes to know how bad it can be. But he’ll do his job if the cold war gets nastier – as it’s about to.

    And there’s nothing chivalrous at all about Air Marshal Elisabeth Jaeger, a career intelligence officer promoted to field command. Twenty-five years ago she saw her husband murdered by the Zinj; she’s spent the time since avenging him. As she’s about do on a scale just a little bit broader than spywork...

    Unlikely partners...

    In a steam-driven alternate 1963, the British Empire faces off against neo-Tsarist Russia in cold war over a divided former USA.

    Pirate captain Karen Ahle is an upper-class Southern exile with a vendetta against the mercenaries who’d butchered her family nineteen years earlier.

    Imperial Vice-Commodore Marcus Perry is a duty-focused, by-the-book career officer sworn to uphold the law.

    They’d been on a collision course until Theron Marko, Luddite anarchist and Russian agent, showed up with his own agenda.

    Now they have to work together. If they succeed, Perry’s name will be cleared and Ahle’s crew will live. If they fail, North America’s map will be redrawn… by the Tsar.

    Rudy Franchi

    Author Website
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    Author Rudy Franchi was a collectibles appraiser on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow from the program’s first season in 1997 through 2011, when he retired to spend less time with his family and more time writing and running his appraisal business,

    MURDER ON THE ROADSHOW introduces Carlo Parigi, the latest entrant in mystery fiction's Accidental Detective genre. Carlo is a rogueish New York collectibles dealer who wangles his way onto the new TV show, Antiques On The Road.

    At the show's first stop, Carlo finds a rare and valuable movie poster. On his way to being taped, he also finds the dead body of a guest. This sets in motion a swirl of events with Carlo as a suspect, forced to try and solve the murder. It also unleashes a cascade of strange and dangerous characters, chief among them his fellow appraisers whose forced smiles reveal pearly teeth.

    Carlo does dozens of brief but info-filled appraisals. Plus he reveals a number of trade secrets: how to really buy low and sell high; why the vast majority of movie star signed photos are worthless and exactly what is the notorious "box call."

    John Darling

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    When Trevor Flashman, a young twenty year old with his whole life ahead of him, learns that his father has died in action while away on a mission, his world quickly comes crashing down. Hours after the funeral, he learns that his father may not have been the person he thought he was, despite their close relationship.

    Trevor is offered the chance to join STORM, the organization that his father actually worked for, and begins his training. In the process, he uncovers that his father’s Navy SEAL career was a cover for what he actually did, and also discovers that this secret organization has a very disturbing purpose: to eliminate a deadly threat that could wipe out the entire human race.

    After more digging, Trevor finds out that this threat has been around for centuries and responsible for hundreds of historic disasters, whose truths have been buried under lies, myths and conspiracies.

    In this new world full of secrets, Trevor tries to fight his way through a rigorous training while making new friends, as well as enemies, in a class made up of hand picked ex-military personnel just like his father.

    Will Trevor let his emotions get the best of him when he finally faces the very danger that he has spent months training to fight? Find out in Code Frostbite.

    In a bizarre twist of circumstances, Trevor reconnects with the father he thought he had lost forever. Even though everyone is excited to see the fallen hero again, mystery surrounds his sudden reappearance. Trent’s return is quickly forgotten about as news of Jemma’s condition is brought to light. High Command believes that she holds the key to a better future for all of mankind and no one will dare try to stop them from accomplishing their goals; except for Trevor, whose rebellious ways get him into even more trouble than before.

    After months of charging full-force into the field, Trevor and Jemma find themselves on the run from their own people and in need of a safe place to hide. Thanks to a plethora of connections, Admiral John Kenneweg chooses to send Trevor and Jemma undercover on a container ship posing as cadets from Kings Point. The two are thrust into a new world, one in which their combat training is useless and terms like “head” and “galley” actually mean “bathroom” and “kitchen”. With a familiar face watching their backs, both Trevor and Jemma must find a way to survive in this strange environment without blowing their cover.

    But what happens when the safest place on the planet becomes their worst nightmare? Find out in Code Hailstorm.

    Darryl Hadfield

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    Abused, taken advantage of, ignored, and neglected.. If you get pushed down hard enough, you'll live up to the expectations of those who expect nothing of you.

    Fueled by an intense desire for more, with a will to overcome those expectations of failure, James begins a journey that most can't even begin to comprehend – much less rival.

    Facing those expectations of failure comes with a personal cost - one that he isn't sure he's able to pay.

    How far will Rage & Fury take him?

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